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  CD Cover: MoonJune Records recording artist, Boris Savoldelli, The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky.  
The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky  
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There’s an old joke among instrumentalists: What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? Answer: A singer.

While this stereotype is overgeneralized to the point of being offensive, it is sadly too often the case that vocalists, particularly in the realm of mainstream commercial music, lack the deep musical knowledge of their instrumental counterparts. But one vocalist who emphatically puts the lie to this questionable cliché is the protean Boris Savoldelli, whose latest album, The Great Jazz Gig in the Sk,y of his trio Savoldelli - Casarano - Bardoscia stunningly demonstrates that he is at least the equal of any instrumentalist - nay, any group of instrumentalists.

Naturally, Boris didn’t take an easy path in choosing to reimagine one of the most sacred albums of all time, Pink Floyd’s monumental "Dark Side of the Moon." It surely didn’t help that it’s also one of the most frequently covered works of progressive music, from symphonic treatments to chamber arrangements to legions of Floyd tribute bands. But Boris always disdains the easy path, and unlike the many sterile, note-for-note versions of Dark Side proffered by lesser talents, his rendition truly distinguishes itself by taking a strikingly imaginative and boldly creative new approach to the familiar material - in this case, a wholly absorbing interpretation that reflects his lifelong love of jazz and improvisation.

Boris pulls out all the stops with his vast arsenal of unparalleled vocal techniques, augmented by his provocative electronic treatments. But The Great Jazz Gig is much more than just a vocal showcase, highlighting the formidable creative gifts of his partners, saxophonist extraordinaire Raffaele Casarano and bassist supreme Marco Bardoscia, plus a roster of distinguished guest musicians. The result is a kaleidoscopic marvel of sounds and emotions, delivered with élan, humor, impeccable musicianship, and above all a deep, abiding love for his inspirations. In a tour-de-force album that, we’re sure all lunatics will agree, truly deserves the superlative "great," open-eared listeners have been gifted with a truly magnificent milestone from the fertile mind of the singular Boris Savoldelli.

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BORIS SAVOLDELLI: all vocals, vocal noises and electronics
RAFFAELE CASARANO: saxes and electronics
MARCO BARDOSCIA: double bass and electronics
with Special Guests:
DEWA BUDJANA: guitars (Track 6)
WK569: background sounds manipulation (Tracks 6 & 7)
MAURIZIO NOBILI: reciter (Track 5)
Album recorded, mixed, edited and mastered by Piero Villa at the Rumore Bianco Studio, Esine, Italy.
All arrangements by Boris Savoldelli, Raffaele Casarano and Marco Bardoscia.
Produced by Boris Savoldelli, Raffaele Casarano and Marco Bardoscia.
Executive Producers: Leonardo Pavkovic; Programmazione PUGLIA SOUNDS RECORD 2016 (REGIONE PUGLIA - FSC 2007-2013 - Investiamo nel vostro futuro)
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Boris is a great vocal performer with a brilliant personality. He’s always been in love with his “vocal instrument” and its extraordinary possibilities.

Boris loves to find different original ways of singing, due to his very different backgrounds, from classical studies until jazz singing (thanks to his mentor Mark Murphy), passing from funk-rock to avant-garde experimental approaches.
In these last few years he starts a collaboration with the Deconstructing Metajazz Band SADO and released the album Holzwege (2008 - AMS/BTF), but the most representative of Boris’ work is the album titled INSANOLOGY, an experimental vocal solo project -- composed, arranged and recorded using only a looper machine and no musical instruments (with the exception of two tracks, which feature the adventurous Marc Ribot on guitars).
INSANOLOGY obtained many flattering reviews from all around the world (Italy, USA, Brazil, France, UK, Holland, Russia, Germany, Israel, etc.). In December 2008, in his “Jazz Poll 2008”, the producer-critic Arnaldo DeSouteiro (producer of Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin and Joao Gilberto) put “Insanology” in the 10 best vocal jazz music albums of the year, and placed Boris in the category of “Best Male Jazz Vocalists” in third position, after Tony Bennet and Al Jarreau. Boris did lots of gigs in many different places, one of the most important taking place in September of 2008 -- with Elliott Sharp as a special guest, at “The Stone” (John Zorn is the artistic director of this venue), considered "the temple" of avant-garde music in New York.
The “Insanology Vocal Solo Tour" toured the USA and Italy, continuing through Russia and Ukraine (MuzEnergo Festival and DoDj Interrnational Jazz Festival) in March & April 2009. His international record debut is also on MoonJune Records (MJR025): a duet album with Elliott Sharp, Protoplasmic, released in 2009.

Artist Website: http://www.borisinger.eu/

“A great proponent of simply superb singing” - Mark Murphy (Jazz singer)

“A technically dazzling, musically engaging show” - Bob Bannister (contributor to Time Out New York Magazine)

“I was blown away by his power, musicality, technique and humor. Really, great singing” - Elliott Sharp

“An attractive voice, interesting ideas, exciting solos” - Howard Mandel (Jazz critic)

“One of the most intriguing vocal projects to come along in years” - Arnaldo DeSouteiro (producer: Jazz Station Records, New York)

“Definitely a genius.” - Iouri Lnogradski (contributor to Jazz Russia Magazine and www.jazz.ru)

“Boris is twitching violently, tapping his larynx in the name of vibration, manipulating his own sampled tones into wobbled pitch-waverers. A fine night.”- Martin Longley (contributor to All About Jazz, New York)

“A modern variation on Bobby McFerrin and Al Jarreau” - René Yedema (contributor to IoPages Magazine Netherland)

“I am still mighty impressed by the crafty use of Boris' many voices” - Bruce Lee Gallanter (Founder: Downtown Music Gallery, New York)

“He knows every moving piece of his elaborate puzzle and has a round and powerful voice” - Suzanne Lorge (contributor to All About Jazz, New York)

“A marvellous vocalist, creepy and crawly. On stage he is an unmistakable presence” - Ezio Guaitamacchi (Musical Critic; director of Jam Magazine)

“(Boris)Is something else” - Greg Edwards (contributor to Gapplegate)

-“Very few singers pick up the thread that Bobby McFerrin left behind, but Boris takes it a step beyond.” - Herman Te Loo (contributor to Jazz Flits Magazine, Holland)

“A really great voice” - Rigobert Dittman (contributor to Bad Alchemy Magazine Germany)

“A unique talent, An arresting mix of painstakingly overdubbed vocals, human beatbox effects, African-inspired choral music” - Chris Parker, (contributor to Vortex Jazz Magazine, UK)

“Welcome to the tower of song when all is voice and voice is all” - Dmitry M. Epstein (contributor to Dmme Magazine, Israel)

“A great range and dexterity in his voice” - Eric Mingus

“An hypnotic voice” - Michelina Zambella (contributor to America Oggi Magazine)

“An artist of extreme worth” - Marco Del Corno (contributor to Arlequins Magazine)

“His passion gets the upper hand of reason, the impossible made possible”- Furio Sollazzi (contributor to Strumenti Musicali Magazine)

“He combines a great professionality with an ironic and funny attitude” - Christian Verzelletti (contributor to Mescalina Magazine)

“A young voice 'maestro', a solo performer who becomes a little joyful exciting orchestra” - Donato Zoppo (Contributor to Jam Magazine and Movimenti Prog Magazine)

“A solid technique and an incredible imagination” - Enrico Ramunni (contributor to Rockerilla)

“A bit of madness in a huge talent” - Maurizio Matteotti (contributor to newspaper Giornale di Brescia)

“The magic of a kaleidoscopic musicality and vocality” - Loris Furlan (contributor to Il Mucchio Magazine)

“One of the greatest singers we have in Italy” - Franco Leonetti (contributor to Idea Magazine)

“Keep an ear on Boris…a promising artist in which a heaping helping of his promise is fulfilled” - Steve Cummings (ABC Radio Networks, Dallas)

“A vocalist with great talent, competence and creativity” - Riccardo Storti (contributor to Mentelocale Magazine)

“A meaningful protagonist of the italian music panorama” - Luca Morzenti (contributor to Movida Magazine)

“A maniacal perfection and lots of irony”- Diego Pinamonte (contributor to Smemoranda Magazine)

“A musician who's doing everything by himself playing only one instrument: his voice” - Paolo “Crazy” Carnevale (contributor to “Il Corriere Della Sera Alto Adige” and Circuitosonoro Magazine)

“The voice of 'a great'. Everything with his voice, but the result sounds like, and even more, then a real band.” - Gianpaolo Laffranchi (contributor to “Bresciaoggi” newspaper)

“Boris is a voice virtuoso, a very talented vocalist” - Fabiana Bugno (contributor to Tempi Duri Magazine)

“An unconventional musical experimenter” - Marco Leopizzi (contributor to Musicaround Magazine)

“He 's able to use his voice like a mosaic, thanks to a great ability” - Giancarlo Bolther (contributor to Rockimpressions Magazine)

“Not to be missed” - Mario Giammetti (contributor to Rockstar Magazine)

“Music needs protagonists like Boris” - Marco del Corno (contributor to Arlequins Magazine)

“In Boris' vocal chords harbours a schizophrenic habit” - Paolo Carnelli (contributor to Wonderous Stories Magazine)

“He does wonder with his voice” - Jochen Rindfrey (contributor to Babyblaue-Seiten Magazine, Germany)

“Stunning vocal experimentations” - James Russell (Music critic, UK)

“A shamanic singing with a trascendental technique” - Enrico Ramunni (contributor to Rockerilla Magazine)

“An excellent singer and a great range”- Phil Jackson (contributor to The Rocker Magazine)

“Great vocal layers, rhytmical phrasing, vocal percussions and horns, you forget there’s no band behind him”- Gaspare Bonafede (contributor to Jazzitalia Magazine)

“Wonderful!” - Volkmar Mantei (contributor to www.ragazzi-music.de)

“A great technique and an incredible voice” - Aleksandr Lézy (contributor to www.progressia.net)

“An artist who created his own original language very far from any standard” - IlPanes (contributor to Debaser)

Image: MoonJune Records vocal artists, Boris Savoldelli.



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