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  Image: CD Cover: MJR071: MARK WINGFIELD: Proof of Light  
Proof of Light  
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It's not often an album is released that is so daring in its approach and revolutionary in its delivery that it actually changes one's perspective of how music can be expressed and expands their vision of a genre. It is the great privilege and honor for MoonJune Records to present just such an album, with the MJR debut of the otherworldly guitar stylings of the critically-acclaimed American-born UK guitarist, Mark Wingfield, on his transcendent new album, Proof of Light.

From the album's opening chords, it is immediately apparent that this is a very special outing. This trio -- featuring the dynamic Vituos/Weber-esque upright bass work of the incomparable Yaron Stavi (Robert Wyatt; Phil Manzanera; David Gilmour; Richard Galliano), and his acute, intuitive counterpart, seasoned master drummer, Asaf Sirkis (John Abercrombie; Larry Coryell; Gilad Atzmon; Tim Garland; Jeff Berlin; Nicolas Meier) -- possess a chemistry of the most perspicacious and unpretentious variety. The music is enticing and ethereal -- with Wingfield's articulate vocabulary and unique vision for his instrument clearly in evidence, singing high above the palatial profferings of fellow messengers, Stavi and Sirkis. This is supreme melodic "avant jazz", where any lines separating music and art vanish, as three extraordinary oracles bare their souls, follow their instincts and squeeze out every ounce of emotion and grandeur from the album's nine glistening tracks.

Throughout Proof of Light the listener is enveloped and transported, soaring along with the music as it seeks out new, previously-untrodden sonic destinations. Mark Wingfield has crafted an exquisite masterwork: majestic, and in many ways reminiscent of ECM's golden years! It is an album of exceeding faculty, whose strength lies in the bold, pioneering approach of its participants and their unwavering trust in their own individual and corporate intuitions.

This is gloriously sensitive, nuanced trio work, with a preeminent level of musical communication that borders on the telepathic.

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Recorded by Ru Cook at Lost Boys Studio, Cranfield, England, on May 20 and 21, 2014.
Mixed and mastered by Mark Wingfield at Heron Island Studio, Cambridgeshire, England.
Produced by Mark Wingfield.
Executive Production: Leonardo Pavkovic
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Mark is one of the most original and distinctive electric guitarists playing today. His improvising is always compelling, continually inventive and melodically uplifting. His guitar playing is steeped in the language of jazz, with influences such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek as well as rock players such as Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix.

Other often eclectic influences such as Indian, Japanese and African music also feature strongly in Mark’s playing. These influences are fused with jazz and western classical music, and seamlessly integrated into a unique and highly distinctive musical voice. On his CD Fallen Cities, he collaborated with Lebanese singer Samia Afra, and continued his interest in non-western forms, working and performing with Turkish musicians such as Gökhan Özyavuz in Istanbul as well as Zambian musician KT Lumpa.

Mark’s interest in music technology came to the fore when he was asked to join ResRocket, a band made upof respected musicians from around the world who, using ground breaking software, played together live over the internet. As a core member of ResRocket Mark played with such lumaniries as Peter Gabriel, Tricky, Matt Black, Dave Stewart, and Todd Rundgren. As well as recording an album, the band toured playing London, Paris, LA, Oslo and elsewhere. During concerts some of the members were on stage while others played live over the internet projected on giant screens on stage. Almost every aspect of this band was a “world first”, truly ground breaking on every level.

As a jazz guitarist Mark has played widely in Europe and has just released his fifth CD, Guitar Encryptions on the Dark Energy Muisc label (Also available for download on iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody).


His compositions were recently the subject of a lecture at Goldsmiths College London to mark the opening of its new Contemporary Music Department and have also been featured in lectures and workshops at The Royal College of Music London, Trinity College of Music London and Dartington College of Arts music department.

The growing interest in his work has led to commissions for the BMIC’s Cutting Edge Series, SPNM’s Sound Source, the European Commission funded Waterways Celebration, Jane Chapman, Elaine Funaro, Geoffrey Burgess, McFall’s Chamber and others. Mark is quickly establishing himself as a new and unique composing voice in the U.K.


Mark runs guitar master classes and workshops with his unique teaching methods at major locations around the UK. Mark recently gave a workshop at the prestigious Trinity College of Music in London, has co-written a lecture for Goldsmiths College London. Has has received accolades from: Aric Rubin (writer from Guitar Player Magazine’s Master Series). Jon Finn (Senior guitar instructor at Berklee School of Music Boston U.S.) as well as from the many students of his acclaimed workshops.


Mark spent his early musical life moving back and fourth between England and the US, playing with bands in Boston, Bristol and London. His developing jazz interests soon took him to Europe where he gained considerable experience as composer and performer with jazz groups SMQ and Scapetrace. Playing around Europe with his group, Mark also spent time studying western and non-western classical forms, developing further a long standing interest in Indian, African and Japanese music. Mark now splits his time between playing with his band (The Mark Wingfield Group) and working as a contemporary composer in the U.K.

Artist's website:

Mark Wingfield, pictured with Asaf Sirkis and Yaron Stavi.



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