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  Image: CD Cover: THE WRONG OBJECT: After The Exhibition  
After The Exhibition  
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Belgian prog heavyweights, The Wrong Object, make a spectacular return to center stage, with a studio album of brilliant original compositions -- and monumental significance! After a five-year absence, After The Exhibition showcases a variety of fresh, powerful material, masterfully delivered by a capable, cohesive new lineup. With their aesthetics still rooted in an array of storied inspirational models, The Wrong Object ventures further into hybrid musical territories -- pushing the boundaries of progressive jazz, rock and contemporary music; yielding results that are as stunning as they are superb. ... and the evidence of this -- After The Exhibition -- is overwhelming. Perhaps the influence of the late Frank Zappa has never been more apparent. The songs continually weave, duck, dart, and 'stop on a dime,' while exhibiting the "controlled reckless abandon" and a similar zany, humorous approach to both harmony and melodic/thematic motifs, akin to that which characterized his great work. This is a herculean effort; one that goes a long way in filling the very noticeable long-standing void left in the wake of Zappa's departure. After 10 years of an existence marked by extensive touring, recording and numerous collaborations with international jazz and rock luminaries (Elton Dean; Harry Beckett; Annie Whitehead; Alex Maguire; Stanley Jason Zappa; Ed Mann), The Wrong Object has reinvented itself in remarkable fashion: morphing from a quintet to a sextet, while embarking on exciting new sonic destinations. The music is engrossing, featuring a more pronounced use of electronics and vocals, while preserving their trademark energies and unique conceptual continuities. The inclusion of the hugely-talented, prodigious keyboardist Antoine Guenet (who is also the leader of MoonJune's recording artists SH.TG.N, and fresh new member of the legendary Belgian rock-in-opposition and avant-jazz-rock luminaries, Univers Zero) and two fabulous sax players -- Marti Melia and Francois Lourtie -- has given the band’s sound an unprecedented harmonic richness and rhythmic complexity. Combined with the foundation provided by (the also new member) bassist Pierre Mottet and (one of two remaining original members) drummer Laurent Delchambre, the band's charismatic leader and founder, Michel Delville (on guitar and electronics), finds himself surrounded by a tight, razor-sharp unit that seemingly knows no bounds. Every so often an album comes out which proves to be a defining moment for both a group and its respective genre; this is just such an album. Delightfully quirky, undeniably bold and adventurous, but ultimately most satisfying: After The Exhibition is a huge triumph. This incredible new release shatters the progressive music template and dances madly on its remains. The Wrong Object have cemented their position among the genre's most elite, vital -- and potent! -- voices. This superb work is immediately essential ... an "instant classic!" After The Exhibition is a rare, exquisite masterpiece of an album, certain to be viewed as one of the most important progressive releases in the post-Zappa era. It gets sweeter with each listen, and it will take up permanent residence in your regular CD rotation. This is profound progressive music at its most original, ambitious and achieving.
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MICHEL DELVILLE: guitar, Roland GR-09
ANTOINE GUENET: keyboards, vocals
MARTI MELIA: bass & tenor saxes, clarinet
FRANCOIS LOURTIE: tenor, alto & soprano saxes, voice
LAURENT DELCHAMBRE: drums, percussions, objects, samples
with Special Guests
BENOIT MOERLEN: marimba, electronic vibraphone (Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 11)
SUSAN CLYNES: vocals (Track 8)
Mixed and mastered by David Minjauw, at Studio Simonne, Brussels, Belgium.
Produced by The Wrong Object.
Associate Producers: Guillaume Dauzou, Henri Dedeken, Kyle Reese, Matthew Wright
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic
Musicians Photography: Elisabeth Waltregny (elisabethwaltregny.com)
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"After the Exhibition is the Wrong Object's most diverse and arguably strongest outing thus far."

Dave Lynch, AllMusic

"A solid hour of brilliance, with some new discoveries and revelations awaiting the listener on every repeat play. Every song here is an adventure, but wherever they go melody reigns supreme, and there's always something interesting going on rhythmically."

Peter Thelen, Expose

"While this is my introduction to the band’s music, I have to tell you I’m completely hooked with their sound and surreal beauty The Wrong Object comes up with."

Zachary Nathanson, Music from the Other Side of the Room

"What the group does is consolidate Canterbury, fusion, prog, and those modes' antecedents—classical, neoclassical, old school avant-garde, jazz, etc.—into a heady braintrip brimming with odd scenes, skewed academic japery, burning spirits, baroque sentimentality, and, of course, pure creativity. It goes without saying that this is a top-notch production in all respects, from engineering staples to cerebral crenellations, and Wrong Object is certainly one of the bands keeping the high-water mark of intelligence in music alive."

Mark S. Tucker, FAME

"Fans of the aforementioned R.I.O. genre, as well as jazz fans looking for something more forward thinking (with crazy-good blowing to boot), should not hesitate in buying a copy of this “Best of 2013” contender as soon as possible. With the release of Wrong Object’s latest offering, “After the Exhibition”, Michel Delville and Co (now a sextet) have managed to erase the need or, for that matter, the ability of the listening audience to pigeonhole them into any specific category or genre."

Dan Burke, Jazz Inside (Page 78 of .pdf document)

"At once strikingly various – driving Led Bib-like roaring is intelligently interspersed with hypnotic, spacy music, heavy riffs jostle against ringingly joyous climaxes and tear-it-up hurtles – and cleverly programmed (Moerlen’s ingenious ‘Stammtisch’ providing an extraordinary climax to proceedings), this is an unequivocally enjoyable album from a full-throttle band at the top of its game."

Chris Parker, London Jazz News

"The Wrong Object take the adventurous spirit of their original inspiration and forge their own unique and regularly breathtaking sonic vision. After The Exhibition is an album that restores my faith in progressive music."

Roger Trenwith, Astounded by Sound

"Wow! What a new album, the best one I’ve heard yet from Belgian guitarist Michel Delville and his band. Intelligent and inventive jazz-rock that doesn’t stop at simply stringing flashy solos together."

François Couture

"The Wrong Object’s After the Exhibition is an album which oscillates between the wild and the melancholy, between explosion and meditation. A wonderful musical journey."

–Peter Slaby, VOICE (Czek Republic)

"The Wrong Object’s After the Exhibition continues the trend they set with their first studio album (Stories from the Shed) to “put the eyebrows on” their brand of auditory Dadaism in a way that acknowledges their Zappaist roots without sacrificing authenticity or letting their jazz, rock, or avant-garde down."

Curtis Smith, Progulator

"A very attractive synthesis of the elements of Canterbury prog-rock, jazz-rock and Nu-jazz resulting in a “wall of sound” painted from top to bottom with psychedelic colorful graffiti. Every single composition on this album conceals something new and interesting."

–Leonid Auskern, Jazz Square (Belarus)

"With its perfectly balanced running time, After the Exhibition is a true rollercoaster ride of dazzling musicianship coupled with sophisticated flair for melody that tempers and softens the bristling intensity of the album’s more electrifying parts. Highly recommended to everyone, After the Exhibition is an exercise in pure class, and will certainly grace many a “best of 2013” list."

Raffaella Berry, Fire of Unknown Origin

"The Wrong Object is one of the gems of Belgian jazz, a band which has enriched the palette of the genre."

–’Jo Jo’ De Vries, Afterglow (The Netherlands)

"The Wrong Object’s latest release After the Exhibition has its own life, it's fierce, loud and aggressive, threatening the listener with a risky and elaborate fusion of sounds, styles, moods and genres, that go from Univers Zero (thanks to virtuoso keyboardist Antoine Guenet) to Frank Zappa with a touch of King Crimson, Canterbury Scene and classical references. 5 solid stars, being that anything less would be unfair for such a marvelous work."

Ivan Melgar, Prog Archives (scroll to bottom of webpage)

"After The Exhibition is avant-jazz-rock and definitely not background music; to truly appreciate the empathic playing, the inventiveness and exuberance, After The Exhibition repays many replays. So far my album of the year."

Jackartass (Indonesia)

"The Wrong Object returns with an expanded lineup — and a radically expanded sound palette, with bold electronic textures from new keyboardist Antoine Guenet and stunning harmonic complexities. When After the Exhibition is over, there is a curious, room-filling silence that just begs you to listen again."

Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews

"With After the Exhibiton, The Wrong Object set themselves firmly at the top of the Euro-jazz-rock scene."

–Andreas Schiffmann, MusikReviews.de (Germany)

"After the Exhibition shows how the group is destined to become a classic band and trademark of its own."

PsycheMusic (scroll to bottom of webpage)

"After the Exhibition proves that contemporary European jazz-rock can reach unprecedented levels of quality and innovate and invigorate the genre."

–Rock Times (Germany)

"A wonderful disc fulfilling every expectation."

–Francisco Macias, La Caja da Musica (Spain)

"After the Exhibition is as lively, intricate, vivid as anything else you've likely ever heard. You'll no doubt find The Wrong Object to be one of the most engaging acts still keeping avant-garde jazz alive."

Jordan Blum, Sea of Tranquility


Blending psychedelic jazz with modern rock sensibilities, the music of The Wrong Object is influenced by a vast array of artists ranging from Canterbury Scene prog-jazz-rock à la Soft Machine, Nucleus and Gong to Béla Bartok, Aka Moon, Charlie Mingus and Frank Zappa. While their repertoire contains mainly original compositions, they also play a special set of Zappa covers on demand.

Since its creation in early 2002, The Wrong Object has played almost eighty concerts in various venues ranging from small pubs to big festivals. Some of them were augmented by guest performances by the likes of Ed Mann (of Frank Zappa hall of fame), Elton Dean (legendary Soft Machine and British jazz icon), Harry Beckett (British jazz legend), Annie Whitehead (who often plays and records with Robert Wyatt), Alex Maguire (of Hatfield & The North), Robin Verheyen, Marc Mangen, Domguè, Marco Maurizi, Nicolas Ankoudinoff, Clementine Gasser, Frogg Café, Jaap Blonk, and pataphysician-poet-vocalist Andrew Norris, whose work with the band culminated in a show held at the Galerie 2016 in Brussels on the occasion of Serge Vandercam's 79th birthday. After a successful mini-tour of the UK, they performed at the 2004 “Zappanale” festival where they played a special gig featuring Zappa's legendary percussionist Ed Mann, with whom they also hope to play a few more dates soon.

The Wrong Object have since then played in many different countries (including England, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, , Slovakia, Luxembourg and even in their own country Belgium) and their live recordings have been favorably reviewed and aired by radio stations across the globe. They will continue to perform in pubs, clubs and theaters next year and will play Summer festivals abroad. Their side projects “Elton Dean & The Wrong Object” and “The Wrong Object feat. Annie Whitehead and Harry Beckett” were documented by two CD releases issued by Moonjune Records and Voiceprint. “Stories From The Shed”, released on MoonJune Records in February of 2008, was the band’s first studio album.

Artist website: www.wrongobject.com

Image: MoonJune Records artists, The Wrong Object



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