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  Image: CD Cover: DIALETO: The Last Tribe  
The Last Tribe  
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The Last Tribe is a "take no prisoners" progressive rock steamroller. From the opening chords, guitarist Nelson Coelho gives clear evidence that the band is ready to tread over new ground -- and fully prepared to take it by force!Dialeto's long-awaited international debut shatters the power trio template: visiting styles and textures that could have been just as 'at home' forty years ago as they are today, while remaining undeniably contemporary and accessible. Quirky, unpredictable and overflowing with power and energy, the trio rips through an original set of barn-burners that defy categorization, but are fresh, compelling and masterfully delivered. The band is as tight as it is explosive -- never allowing the listener to get comfortable in one spot for too long, before catapulting them into their next frenzied foray. They deliver the sonic goods in an enthralling, cohesive package. Coelho's grandiose guitar work is always firmly at the forefront: the music guided confidently by a seasoned player possessed of intrinsic melodic sensibilities, but unafraid to follow those senses along paths previously untread. His tones are monstrous; his playing is flawless, instinctive and full of passion and fire.The Last Tribe conjures images of what some of progressive rock's most vaunted acts might have achieved, had they been as daring and self-assured. Moments of sheer creative brilliance abound on this fantastic outing, Dialeto's first offering for MoonJune Records.This is a scorching effort that will win over fans with its rare combination of power, grace, ambition and spontaneity, and showcases the brilliant Nelson Coelho as one of progressive music's most vital new voices on guitar. Crank up this album and prepare to be blown away!!
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JORGE PESCARA: touchguitars
Mixed by Miguel Angel, Nelson Coelho and Fabio Golfetti.
Mastered by Fabio Golfetti.
Produced by Nelson Coelho and Dialeto, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2012 and early 2013.
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic
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"When Leonardo Pavkovic from Moonjune Records sends me an album I expect good and elaborate Jazz / Prog Fusion, but with DIALETO's latest release The Last Tribe, he took me by surprise, never really expected a Heavy Prog power trio without keyboards, but most important, never expected to find such rich melodies in a band obviously oriented towards solos and virtuosity.

"... one of the most extravagant and rewarding musical works I listened in 2013, and deserves no less than 5 solid stars (I must be getting weak, two 5 stars ratings in two days), because it's fresh and innovative, but carries the spirit of traditional Rock with the complexity of Prog."

- Ivan Melgar, ProgArchives

"... Dialeto is a trio that possesses the goods to make a substantial impact.

"... a huge soundscape, partly due to Nelson Coelho's stinging guitar-paced phrasings atop Jorge Pescara's monster bass lines, incorporated via his Touch Guitars and Miguel Angel's reverberating rock beats. Operating within intense and sprawling frameworks, Coelho's impacting crunch-chords and distortion- heavy voicings generate a gigantic wall of sound.

"... traces of studio echo yields added depth or perhaps an additional dimension to the unit's core sound but also enhances its colossal musical presence, combined with a program structured on durable compositions."

- Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

"As the promo lit correctly avers, this group does not stay rooted in any one place for very long, preferring exploration and innovation. Those notes also claim Nelson and his confreres to be "one of progressive music's most vital new voices", and I have zero argument with that."

- Mark S. Tucker, FAME

"... instrumental progressive rock trio Dialeto has shown themselves to be one of the most powerful rising forces in Brazil. An eclectic mix of progressive rock, post rock, and jazz, rounded off by a raw and heavy edge, the music of The Last Tribe makes for a unique observation that features some dazzling displays of high-class musicianship."

- Jeff B., Sea of Tranquility

"Dialeto appears to have settled into a well defined sound ... utilizing a fairly vast canvas to craft their own brand of harder edged, instrumental progressive rock. Economic, sparse and effective on one hand yet richly layered with plentiful of details on the other, they merrily wander wherever they want to go, to the enjoyment of listeners with a taste for easily accessible music and challenging escapades both."

- Olav M Bjornsen, Progulator

"... will not fail to appeal to lovers of instrumental progressive rock, especially those who set a great store by technically proficient yet soulful guitar playing rather than lightning-fast shredding. The album, which finally sees Nelson Coelho take his rightful place among other distinguished six-stringers on the Moonjune roster, such as Barry Cleveland, Dennis Rea and Michel Delville, is also warmly recommended to fans of King Crimson and its “trio” offshoots."

- Raffaella Berry, ProgSphere

"... spontaneity is kept in every composition. Moreover, Nelson Coelho is an amazing master on the six-string ..."

- Pedro Bekkers, Background Magazine (Netherlands)

"Instrumental progressive rock music with post-rock & jazz-fusion elements ...

"The performances are superb on the whole ... a good album of progressive rock & jazz-fusion improvisation with post-rock bits ..."

- Thanos, GrandeRock

"... Dialeto has that uncommon spark that pushes their sound beyond simple categorization. Touches of jazz-rock abound, as well as hints of blues and Spanish style folk elements, those Santana-esque guitar pyrotechnics, and the old-school heavy 1970s King Crimson style, but none of these reference points, taken alone or together define the band’s sound; they are about as original as it gets. Their strength is in their invention, in not playing by the rules, and offering a lot more than just a flashy rehash of things that have been done before, all presented without gimmickry. A disc that gets better with each play, I can’t imagine anyone not liking this."

- Peter Thelen, Exposé

"... based on good, well-crafted and melodic compositions rather than free jamming. It makes you want to listen to the album again."

- Diego Camargo, Progshine

"... Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion combined together like a steamroller as if it to take you into different areas for wonderous amazement for what you are about to sink your little ear buds in for a fantastic cosmic voyage to expect the unexpected.

"... a dosage of experimental music, virtuosity which takes both the three instruments from various movements whether its Rock, Ambient, and Atmospheric music and not to mention the sounds of the Discipline-era from King Crimson’s peak ..."

- Zachary Nathanson, Music From The Other Side of the Room

"... a prog band approaching rock from a fusion angle—with none of the limpness associated with much of post-Miles Davis fusion. Dialeto balances power with grace and structure with freedom."

- David Luhrssen, Express Milwaukee


Dialeto is a long-standing art-rock band, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The band was first started in the late eighties, by founding and still current members, Nelson Coelho (guitar, lead vocals), Jorge Pescara (touchguitars) and Miguel Angel (drums, backing vocals). All three were raised (and still reside) in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and are each of different multinational lineages.

Theirs is a thriving, densely-populated metropolitan city (a multi-cultural "hub," of sorts, in South America) where people have migrated from all over the world -- living together and interacting harmoniously, exchanging many cultural traditions and life experiences. Growing up in this fertile environment, all three gentlemen were profoundly impacted by a great diversity of music from that era. Legendary American and European bands -- such as King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Santana, Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, Mahavishnu Orchestra and many others -- made a huge, lasting impact on their personal tastes and direction, as musicians.

Springing up from a foundation of such cultural and musical diversity, Dialeto has continued to explore and develop their multi-faceted corporate sonic persona. Mixing in additional influences (eastern folk music being of major significance), the band has crafted their original and peculiar sound based on the ideal of cultural and ethnic integration: the concept that our world, as seen from the space, has no frontiers, and music is its universal language.

After playing in various bands from the São Paulo local underground rock scene (including Zero, Akira S, Sotaque, Vultos, Okoto, etc), Nelson, Miguel and Andrei formed Dialeto in 1987. After several years of performing live and continuing to carve out their unique style, the band released their debut album, "Dialect," in 1991.

26 years later, this progressive power trio continues their assault on convention. Their previous album, Chromatic Freedom, was a triumphant breakthrough, with its momentum carrying through to their newest effort and extravagant MoonJune Records debut, "The Last Tribe."

The music of Dialeto is intense, often unpredictable and mysterious. It is ripe with strong melodic sensibilities and tasteful syncopation. Powerful improvisations are tempered by an uncanny, tight chemistry and crisp delivery which belie its frequent spontaneity.

MoonJune Records is pleased to assist Dialeto in providing an international platform that has long been in the making and is certainly well-deserved.

Image: MoonJune Records recording artists, Dialeto (featuring guitarist Nelson Coelho).



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