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  Image: CD Cover: Machine Mass Trio: As Real As Thinking  
As Real As Thinking  
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Originally born as a side-project of douBt, this new trio led by Tony Bianco (on drums and loops) and Michel Delville (on guitar, bouzouki and live effects) also includes emerging Belgian talent Jordi Grognard on saxophones, bass clarinet and flute. “As Real as Thinking” is an amazing mix of fiery licks, catchy themes, telepathic rhythms, shamanic soundscapes and processed loops -- testifying to the band’s compositional flair and extraordinary musicianship.The music is meaningfully condensed -- consistently powerful without being overwhelming -- and will appeal to fans of progressive jazz, world music and rock audiences with an ear for the unusual. The CD sounds alternately groovy and meditative, trancy and punkish, modern and ethnic, cloudy and clear. It also features an explosive 18-minute duet between Bianco and Delville (guitarist also with MoonJune Recording artists' The Wrong Object) -- showcasing the musicians’ seemingly boundless energy, and extraordinary capacity to listen to each other and improvise over insane chord, rhythm and time changes while handling live electronics.A session of bold, risk-taking improvisation. "This record was recorded as my beloved wife, Mary, was fighting for her life. She has thus passed away and my playing is a tribute to her beautiful soul." -Tony Bianco
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2. Knowledge (6:11)
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4. Khajuaro (5:23)
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8. Palitana Mood (3:06)
TONY BIANCO: drums, percussion, loops
MICHEL DELVILLE: guitar, synth guitar, bouzouki, electronics
JORDI GROGNARD: tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet, electronic tempura
Recorded October 18, 2010 by Sacha Symon at Dans Ma Cabane Studios, Liège, Belgium.
Mixed and mastered by David Minjauw at Studio Simonne, Brussels, in the Summer of 2011.
All tracks recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. All music performed by MMT except “Falling Up”, which is a joint improvisation by Bianco and Delville.
Produced by Mass Machine Trio.
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic.
This release was made possible by the support of the Communauté Française de Belgique – Direction Générale de la Culture – Service de la Musique.
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"Nothing is lacking on this record, a spontaneity followed by masterful performance of the trio pushes the album right to the top of progressive fusion for 2011 ..."

- Nikola Savić, Prog-Sphere

"This is a cool combination of jazz-rock and avant-rock (as they list this sub genre). It’s a much wider field of styles than the genre would imply. A good dose of eastern is used in places to either focus, decorate or tip off the songs. Other times you get a straight on jazz club atmosphere jazz fusion. I like the mix here as one song of jazz and one of celestial, almost ambient, song follows. It reminds me of a few of my all time favorite German eastern avant jazz rock bands as well as a hand full of other greats. I think the easiest description is a nice alternation of world, jazz, space, rock, “out there” and avant garde. “As Real As Thinking” is full of very strong compositions, whichever style they fall into.

"Machine Mass Trio bring to mind a wide range of bands from the past such as Aka Moon, Terje Rypdal (amongst other ECM mates), Dzyan, Contact Trio, and even David Torn ... I truly look forward to the next release! Recommended without hesitation!!"

- Lee Henderson, Prognaut

"As the album unfolds, it electrifies the listener with its diversity in the styles, rhythms, and the general feel.

"The texture of music flows very naturally here, showing good chemistry, and great musical understanding. Thumbs up, all the way!"

- Mark Kadzielawa, 69 Faces of Rock

"The tricksy time-signatures, blistering guitar solos and thunderous drumming of avant-rock are combined with flute-centred extemporisations (memorably termed 'shamanic soundscapes' in the album's publicity) and the odd passage of free improvisation (notably an eighteen-minute duo, 'Falling Up', from Delville and Bianco), but it is perhaps Bianco's musical creed – to be 'loose and tense, free and strict' – that most accurately pins down Machine Mass Trio's music.

"Admirers of Delville's acclaimed quintet the Wrong Object, as well as aficionados of progressive rock and free jazz, will all find something to enjoy in this multi-faceted, vibrantly powerful album."

- Chris Parker, LondonJazz

"Given the consistent backing behind the shifting engagements of Delville and Grognard, amateur musical sleuths might conclude that drummer Bianco’s loops are responsible for the trio’s mysterious lineup expansion; in any case, the results are far from repetitive, creating a flowing, full-band sound that seems remarkably organic."

4.5 out of 5 Stars

- All Music Review

"The Moonjune record label has established itself as a first class purveyor of jazz-rock and jazz-fusion music. And here again they deliver the goods with Machine Mass Trio; three guys who cook musically with a definite jazz-rock feel. Consisting essentially as drums, guitar and sax these three guys then throw into the mix loops, bouzouki, electronics, flute, bansuri and clarinet into the picture to come up with some amazing tunes."

- Jerry Lucky, The Progressive Rock Files

"The foundations of jazz seems not to be enough for this band, making them try to turn them into something more ambitious and adventurous."

- PsycheMusic

"Machine Mass Trio parecen surgir de un viaje sonoro a través de paisajes diferentes, desarrollando unas inusuales improvisaciones de gran alcance que nos llevan al jazz fusión de otras épocas añadiendo otros elementos provenientes de la psicodélia y del rock espacial dando lugar a un buen ejemplo de fusión progresiva ambientada en este 2011 ya terminado. Estamos ante un disco al que nada le falta dentro de su estilo."

- Distrito Jazz

"Machine Mass Trio has constructed a mesmerizing, moving carpet of boisterous sax, knifing guitars and boiling rhythms on the electronics-laden As Real As Thinking. There is always, always something happening here, as MMT skitters with determined focus between the melodic, the moody and (to great effect) the outside."

- Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews

"These three musicians have extensive ties to other folks all around the world so their scope and range of influence is vast. It would be difficult to come up with an easy way of describing these songs or to point out specific references. The music melds elements from jazz, rock, improvisational, experimental, and even modern classical at times. The playing is fluid and at times rather intense and unrelenting."

- LMNOP, Baby Sue

"Iako je stilski ponešto raznolik, jazz se miješa s rockerskim riffovima i solažama, elektronikom, groove ritmovima, noiseom, indijskim melodijama, meditativnom atmosferom, psihodelijom i napetim kaotičnim improvizacijama slobodne forme, As Real as Thinking funkcionira besprijekorno kao moćna zvučna cjelina."

***** (5 Stars)

- Ljubiša Prica, SoundGuardian

"a catchy combination of unflinching improvisation and melodic interludes."

- Sid Smith, Sid Smith's Postcards From The Yellow Room

"Una mistura veramente interessante, tra il moderno e l’etnico, che rende “As Real As Thinking” un disco decisamente appetibile, frutto della grande energia che lega i tre musicisti. “As Real As Thinking” (Moonjune Records), registrato nel mese di ottobre 2010 e mixato nell’estate del 2011, è un lavoro avventuroso di musica strumentale della miglior specie, di quella che non ci si scrolla più di dosso, musica animata da straordinari momenti di improvvisazione e che lascia poco spazio alle creazioni a tavolino. E’ l’anima del musicista a farla da padrone, a padroneggiare ogni istante.

"Un album intelligente, in grado di affascinare l’ascoltatore in cerca di un sound variegato, a tratti talmente sorprendente da dubitare che alle spalle di questo lavoro vi siano solo tre musicisti. Provare per credere."

- Daniele Orlandi, La Voce

"Schlicht und ergreifend ein gigantisches Album!

"FAZIT: „As Real As Thinking“ ist DIE Entdeckung für alle, die Jazz-Rock lieben und nach all den Klassikern solcher Bands wie das MAHAVISNHU ORCHESTRA, WEATHER REPORT usw. nach etwas Neuem suchen. Mit diesem Album haben sie es garantiert gefunden!"

- Thoralf Koss, Musik Reviews

"... a highly charged small-group rock-fuse opus that crackles with electricity.

"There are torrid advanced out-rockers, some droning psychedelics, riff-based funkers with long floating melodies that owe something to Soft Machine and Weather Report, and some off-in-space segments where they take it out."

- Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Guitar & Bass Blog

"... the result is one very interesting CD that holds up well to repeat listening. The absence of standard verses and choruses keeps the music fresh and unpredictable. This is excellent modern jazz and highly recommended for people who want to catch up on what is happening in jazz today."

- John S., Jazz Music Archives

"... se trata de un ecléctico trabajo donde se combina en distintas proporciones el jazz, el rock progresivo, el Canterbury, la música experimental, el R. I. O. y la música étnica, con grandes resultados auditivos.

"Excelencia instrumental y compositiva para un disco grabado virtualmente “en vivo en estudios”, talento, gran eclecticismo y gran manejo de los tiempos para este debut de un trío logrado que seguramente dará mucha mas música de la buena."

- Gustavo Bolasini, El Retorno Del Gigante


Michel Delville: Michel Delville was born in Liege, Belgium. He has been performing and composing alternative music since the mid-1980s. His most recent projects include the internationally acclaimed Nu-Rock-Jazz quintet The Wrong Object (2003- ), a band which has collaborated with luminaries of British jazz such as Elton Dean, Harry Beckett and Annie Whitehead, and toured extensively throughout Europe. Their latest studio album, Stories from the Shed, has generated countless raving reviews in such leading publications as Jazzwise, Guitar Player, Musica Jazz and All About Jazz. In 2010, he created the trio douBt with Alex Maguire and Tony Bianco. Other recent bands and projects include Belgian-Swiss punk-jazz combo TZGIV, Belgo-Dutch rock quintet The Moving Tones, Alex Maguire Sextet, and Comicoperando (tribute project to the great Robert Wyatt; feat. Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause and Karen Mantler). 

Anthony 'Tony' Bianco: Tony Bianco was born in New York City. He has played and recorded with some of the most influential musicians of the international jazz scene, such as Dave Liebman, Evan Parker, Paul Dunmall, Elton Dean, Alex von Schlippenbach, Simon Picard, Reggie Workman, Paul Rutherford, Keith Tippett, Paul Rogers, Elliot Levine, Marcio Mattos, Luther Thomas, Jay Oliver and John Edwards. The sheer diversity of his discography reflects his need to be “loose and tense, free and strict” combine the sounds of straight and free jazz, closed and open form. His most recent releases include douBt's debut album Never Pet a Burning Dog (with Alex Maguire and Michel Delville), Vesuvius (Alex von Schlippenbach/Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/Tony Bianco), Line Ish (Tony Bianco/Dave Liebman/Tony Marino) and In a Western Sense, as well as the more groovy and post-Milesian experiments of Free Beat (with the late Elton Dean, and John Wilkinson) and Monkey Dance (feat. Dave Liebman). 
Jordi Grognard: Jordi Grognard is one of the rising voices of the Belgian jazz scene. He studied at the Flemish Conservatory in Brussels where he took classes with Jeroen van Herzeele and John Ruocco. A true multi-instrumentalist, he plays a variety of instruments including the tenor sax, the bass clarinet, the soprano sax, the flute and many non-Western woodwinds. He is currently one of Belgium's hardest-gigging musicians and performs with a large variety of ensembles including Moker, The Friendly Dogs, and the Nicola Lancerotti Quartet. A versatile and adventurous musician, he is equally at ease playing jazz, electronic music, rock and world music.

Band website: http://www.myspace.com/machinemasstrio

Image: MoonJune Records Machine Mass Trio




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