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The beauty of Soft Machine’s legacy – and of Soft Machine Legacy, the band – is that nearly a half-century after the original group’s inception, that legacy is far from stagnant but continues to evolve to this day. Ever since Soft Machine Legacy was first formed as Soft Works in 2002 -- at the instigation of MoonJune's Leonardo Pavkovic -- the group has amply demonstrated that it is no mere exercise in nostalgia, recapturing past glories or lazily mining the Soft Machine back catalog.

Instead, SML has admirably carried the parent group’s spirit of inquiry and exceptional standard of musical excellence forward into the present.

  Image: MoonJune Records artists, Soft Machine Legacy.
Just as the original Soft Machine was in a state of continual metamorphosis in terms of both personnel and musical approach – shape-shifting over time from a psychedelic pop band to a proto–prog rock outfit to pioneers of adventurous jazz-rock fusion, and ranging from trio to septet configurations – Soft Machine Legacy has been in constant flux as members have come and gone, each new arrival placing his distinctive stamp on this musical work in progress. It is a tribute to the open-ended nature of Soft Machine’s ingenious compositional frameworks that they can accommodate such a wide range of strong musical personalities.

This is no historical rehashing of Soft Machine, but a living, breathing music that is as vital and revelevant today as it ever was. Both longtime fans and new converts alike can take heart in the knowledge that the Soft Machine family tree -- with its deep roots in the musical revolution of the ‘60s -- continues to sprout healthy new limbs well into the new century, showing no signs of slowing.

... The legacy is in very good hands, indeed.

Image: MoonJune Records artists, Soft Machine Legacy, with Hugh Hopper.


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